Radio: Putting a leash on Santiago’s half-million stray dogs

People who live in Chile’s capital Santiago hardly notice them anymore. But as an outsider, you can’t miss the thousands of stray dogs all over the city.

I’ve visited my family there many times and the dogs are always there: on the corner, in the park, at the market rummaging through garbage, on the stoop in front of the shop. A shabby pack of strays has even made its home on the grounds of the presidential palace, La Moneda, downtown.

And no wonder. A recent survey found there are half-a-million stray dogs on the street in Santiago’s capital region.

Come along as I follow a team of veterinarians tasked with helping the government contain the exploding stray dog population and find out why the problem is so out of control.

This piece aired on CBC Radio’s As It Happens in July 2014.