Mogadishu, Somalia seen from the International Space Station.
Mogadishu, Somalia seen from the International Space Station. Source: ESA and astronaut Paolo Nespoli, user Magisstra on Flickr (

Long before I set off for the Arthur Burns Fellowship in Berlin, I came across an American-German journalist named Michael Scott Moore, with whom I corresponded about a story I was chasing for As It Happens back in 2011.

On a personal note, we connected when he told me about how he came to be working with Der Spiegel International and what it was like to work in Germany. I had thought about the possibility of working there because my girlfriend is German.

About two months after we communicated, he traveled to Somalia to gather material for a book on piracy. On that trip he was kidnapped. He was was still being held hostage when I got to Berlin in July.

I started doing some digging about his status, but found little official information available. Then all of a sudden, near the end of my fellowship I got a call from my editor telling me Moore was free. The news had just broken.

Journalistically, I was caught off guard, but the news was fantastic and I was happy for Moore and his family and friends. It was a happy ending.

At The Local, we put together a story on his release and paired it with news of the tragic death of another pair of German hostages who were confirmed dead in Yemen.

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