three women and a man pose on a stage

You design your avatar, you give it a funny name and you sit in front of a screen by yourself and play. There are thousands of others playing the massive multiplayer online game with you, but in the end, you’re in the room alone. Except if you played Glitch.

The fun, creative and whimsical online game started in 2009 and gained legions of devoted players who built a community in the virtual world of Glitch. But all that ended in 2012 when the game was shut down for good.

Now, more than two years later, the community is alive and well and players from across North America have come together to join composer and musician Daniel Simmons in Toronto for the launch of the game’s soundtrack with many more streaming the event around the world.

I went to check out the music from the game and the Glitch players that showed up in Toronto for CBC radio’s Spark.