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Welcome! I launched this website in December 2012 as a place to house some of my freelance work, but it’s also a blog. Here you’ll find posts as varied as what’s in the news, posts from my travels and the stories I cover there or whatever I’m interested in at the moment.

The site is also an archive/portfolio from the worlds of print, online (articles and previous blog), radio and documentary film. I’ve written for, Deutsche Welle (, Science PagesCanadian Mennonite Magazine, OpenFile and Forget the Box as well as The Link. I’ve produced radio pieces for CBC radio and Deutsche Welle and work as a radio producer for the CBC on a regular basis for national shows like As It Happens, Spark and special projects like Canada Reads.


I’m a radio producer with CBC radio and a free range journalist and writer. I’m a first-generation Chilean-Canadian and I’ve lived in Ottawa, Montreal and I’m now based in Toronto. I’ve also done stints studying, living and working in Chile, France and Germany. I speak English, French and Spanish so feel free to contact me in any of those languages.

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