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This mini-documentary originally aired on DW’s (Deutsche Welle) Inside Europe on November 2, 2014. It is a radio version of a story I reported for Deutsche Welle online (

One of Germany’s oldest music publishing houses marked its official return to Leipzig in October, more than 75 years after its owner, Henri Hinrichsen and his family, lost nearly everything in the Holocaust. His granddaughter, Martha Hinrichsen, born in New York, never thought she’d live to see it happen. Tomas Urbina went to meet her at the publishing house home in Leipzig.

woman in her sixties stands in front of wrought iron gate

Martha Hinrichsen, granddaughter of Henri Hinrichsen, at the ‘Florentine’ gate of her grandfather’s former home and music publishing house in Leipzig, October 2014.

Dispossessed of his famous company, Jewish music publisher Henri Hinrichsen was put to death in Auschwitz. His grandchildren can finally celebrate the return to Leipzig of his Edition Peters – more than 75 years later.

Read the full article on Deutsche Welle (DW), here.

pre-teen girl band practices

Unfinished Business crashes Toronto’s punk scene

At its core, punk rock is all about youthful rebellion: simple, honest and loud.

That’s what comes through when you hear a new punk trio making noise on Toronto’s music scene. They’re an all-girl band and they sing about the trials of daily life like falling in gym class or losing your science book. That’s because they’re only 12 years old.

I recently spent some time with the new punk group, Unfinished Business.

This piece aired on CBC Radio One in July 2012.