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CN Tower sequence 03

Toronto launched an eye-popping fireworks display from the CN Tower on Sunday night to mark the end of the 2015 Pan-Am Games.

The show capped off two weeks of intense international competition and performances from artists who came to Toronto from across the Americas. Canada broke its Pan-Am medals record and came second to the USA in the overall medal count, winning 217 medals.

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pre-teen girl band practices

Unfinished Business crashes Toronto’s punk scene

At its core, punk rock is all about youthful rebellion: simple, honest and loud.

That’s what comes through when you hear a new punk trio making noise on Toronto’s music scene. They’re an all-girl band and they sing about the trials of daily life like falling in gym class or losing your science book. That’s because they’re only 12 years old.

I recently spent some time with the new punk group, Unfinished Business.

This piece aired on CBC Radio One in July 2012.

cyclist rides past a memorial poster for Jenna Morrison

Jenna Morrison and the push for cycling safety

The death of Jenna Morrison in November of 2011 shocked the city of Toronto. Not only had she died in a collision with a truck leaving a five-year-old son behind, she was also five-months pregnant. Her death caused an outcry for safer conditions for cyclists and created an organized effort to make trucks on the roads safer.

This piece appeared on in February of 2012, the day of a public meeting for the Safe Trucks initiative.…2/02/safety-cyclists

Photo by Alistair Maitland Photography.